Tegasys-Telecoms offers a diverse set of services depending on the requirements from the customers. Flexibility without compromising quality and reliability is a strength of Tegasys-Telecoms .

We have developed a set of services based on requirements from customers.

HP ALM & Testing Tools Let us take care of that so you can focus on the testing not the tools. The Tegasys-Telecoms ALM Managed Service is tailored for the customers who have existing HP ALM installation but who don’t want to go to the expense of a dedicated HP ALM Application management team.
Technical Solution Design Implementation of custom built solutions. Reviewing of existing solutions and tools . Procurement and integration of new solutions
Quality Management Testing is all about getting things right. Systems must be Robust and Reliable and they should do exactly what they are supposed to do. Our aim is to ensure the strategy adopted by your organization is robust so you deliver exactly what is required in practice based on agreed theory.
Outsource Testing Tegasys-Telecoms is an innovative and flexible organization which provides its customers with several available options. Tegasys-Telecoms off-shore testing centre located in India allows our customers to benefit from off-shore cost reductions without any decrease in quality, visibility or control. We make sure that testing is done in a controlled environment by following the same set of rules, procedures and standards as are required.
Technical Test Recruitment Finding the right person for the right job is a challenging task which is also time consuming and expensive. At Tegasys-Telecoms , we have a dedicated recruitment team with years of experience in the field that enables them to have a good understanding about human resources and the requirements of the organization.
Testing Service The Tegasys-Telecoms Turn-Key Testing service is state of the art as compared to the competitors. Our testing a service is designed for companies that need quick results for testing something quickly without worrying about Who, How or Where? Our experience and expertise enables us to facilitate you by providing world-class professional service so that you don’t have to worry about details.
Test a service provides high quality results without loss of visibility or control from the organization.